Size 30 Plus Clothing for the Fashionable Woman

Here at Isobel’s, we keep in stock a large range of size 30 plus clothing. Although we keep a stock online, you can view a huge range at out Norwich & Holt stores.

Focusing on the plus size clothing has helped us become one of the largest independent larger lady clothing stores in Norfolk.

Let our personal shoppers help you find a beautiful piece for your wardrobe or a particular occasion.

Finding the best styles for a size 30 plus lady

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The main reason I set up Isobel’s – Big and Beautiful Fashions, is to combat the modern era of clothing that does not suit my body or age. I’m a size 32, and over 70 years of age, certain clothes just do not suit me. It was my mission to find fashion larger ladies like me know and love!

What are modern designers thinking today? Badly tapered trousers and tops that are too low in cut – highlighting the areas of our bodies we wish to cover. There are alternatives I have found, fortunately.

Most retail stores stock size 8 to size 20 plus, but the size 30 plus really is not apparent on our high streets. The styles may suit the under 50, but what about us over the ages of 60?

What clothes can over 60s ladies wear? What are the best brands that suit the style and quality we have grown to love? And from these brands, who can supply these in the holy grail of plus 30 sizes? Let us take a look.

Styles to follow for the size 30 plus woman

Following these styles is a sure-fire way to keep your plus size wardrobe suitable for any upcoming occasion. Make sure you have kept at least one of the following on your hangers:

1. Tunic Tops

Tunics are the go-to clothing for any plus size lady. Why? They are extremely comfortable and do not hug the curvy body. The designs they are available in can have wonderful patterns and usually full of colours. This helps to camouflage those areas we do not want to expose. And, they are almost always available in size 30 plus. Perfect!

2. Wraparound Dresses

Dresses that wrap the body are ideal for the size 30 plus woman in summer, due to their breathe easy nature. But they also make an important addition to your wardrobe for special occasions. Ensure you own just one flowery or magenta / pink dress for that wedding or birthday, Look stunning with the simple addition of a jacket to complement those heavier assets on top and emphasize your waste in a positive way.

3. Light Jackets

Jackets will become your new favourite addition in the wardrobe due to their simplistic beauty. How? They go great with tunic tops and dresses and can turn your bland outfit into a work of art. A simple black top with a jacket full of flowing patterns is perfect for those evening out. Furthermore, for the size 30 plus lady, they tend to be light and comforting whilst disguising larger frames from the eye.

4. Wide Trousers / Skirts

Wide trousers and waist hugging skirts are ideal for the larger lady to compliment the look. Embracing the curves is these items jobs! In addition to following my above points, you will help achieve the flowing look from top to bottom. Good quality fabric and a fit designed for the larger lady are a must when buying these pieces.

The brands for size 30 plus women you can trust

As previously mentioned, the high street really is not suitable for us older larger ladies – they just do not match the clothing quality we want. So where can you look?

Well, here at Isobel’s is a great start. The brands we stock have been tested by myself and hundreds of customers worldwide. Here are the go-to choices of brands for larger ladies over 50:

Personal shopping at Isobel’s for larger ladies

All our size 30 plus clothing is available to view in our Holt and Norwich stores.

However, we can chat and take a telephone order over the phone if you cannot find what you are looking for online.


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